Carambola Trees (Starfruit Trees)  are small trees that are an attractive addition to your landscape.  The leaves are small and light green, the blossoms are a dark pink.  Be ready for a lot of fruit.  The only complaint I've ever heard about Carambola trees was that there was too many Carambolas ripening on their tree.  Carambolas are called Starfruit because when you cut them across the center they are shaped like a 5 pointed star.  Different varieties do have distinct flavors. Starfruit are classified as "Sweet" or "Tart", so choose wisely. 

See detailed information on the University of Florida Website -  Carabola Growing in the Home Landscape

Carambola Varieties at Spyke's Tropical Nursery (always check on availability): Arkin (Sweet), B-10 (Sweet - Needs cross Pollenator),  Fwang Tung (Sweet), Kary (Sweet), Sri Kembangan (Sweet)