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*All of our mango trees are Grafted and will fruit within the year. Click on the variety name to see pictures and more information.

Alphonso     Jun-July     5 - 7.5 oz     Green-Yellow Fruit     Good Tree for South Florida      Abundant Production      Very Popular Indian Variety

Bailey's Marvel     July     7 - 16.5 oz     Yellow, Pink, Red Fruit     moderate, spreading, compact Tree     good/consistent production    Very much like Haden without fiber

Baptitste     Mid Season     Haitian Variety

Beverly     August     12 - 28 oz     Yellow, Orange Fruit     Moderate, Upright Tree     Good Production     Excellent Rich Sweet Flavor - Little Fiber

Bombay     July     7 - 16.5 oz     Red Yellow Fruit     Moderate, Spreading Tree     Moderate Production     Good Smooth Unique Flavor - Little Fiber

Carrie (Dwarf)     June      10 - 15.5 oz Fruit     Vigorous, Round, Compact Tree     Good, Consistent Production     Excellent Rich , Sweet Flavor - Fiber-less

Choc - Anon (Miracle Mango)     Nov - Jan     12 - 16 oz     Golden Yellow Fruit     vigorous, Dense, Upright Tree     Fruits in Winter and Summer     Sweet - Firm - Almost no Fiber

Coconut Cream     Jun - Jul     10 15.5 oz      Yellow Blush on Fruit     Moderate Growth Tree     Good, consistent production     No Fiber - Tastes like Coco Cream

Cogshall (Dwarf)     Jun - Jul     10 - 16 Oz     Green Yellow Fruit     Vigorous, round, very compact - Best tree growth to keep in a container     Good Consistent Production     Excellent rich , sweet, spicy Flavor Fiber-less

Dot     Mid Season     9- 19 oz     Yellow Pink Fruit     Good Production     Delicious, Named for Dorothy Zill

Duncan     Mid Season     16 - 24 oz     Yellow Fruit     Good Production     Mild, Sweet Flavor No Fiber

Dupuis     July     Vigorous Growth Tree      Tasty and Pretty

East Indian     July     16 - 32 oz     Yellow Pink Fruit     Vigorous, Upright Tree     Good Production     Good Strong Unique Flavor - Fiber

Edward     June     16 - 22 oz     Yellow Orange Fruit     Vigorous, Round Large Tree     Good, Consistent Production     Excellent Sweet/Spicy - No fiber

Fairchild     Jun - July     pale Yellow     Perfect size tree for containers 10'     Good Productions     Semi Dwarf, Rich Spicy Flavor

Florigon     may - July     10 - 16 oz     Yellow Fruit     consistent Production     Good Flavor - Disease Tolerant

Gary      Mid Season     Small Green, Sweet

Glenn      June     14-22 oz Yellow Orange Fruit     Moderate, Medium, Rounded Tree     Good/ Consistent Tree     Excellent Rich flavor - Little fiber

Graham      Jul - Aug      12 - 16 oz     Green Yellow Fruit      Slow, Moderate, Compact 8'     Good Production     Aromatic - No Fiber Trinidad/Tobago

Haden     June     18-24 oz     Yellow Red Fruit     Vigorous, large, spreading tree     Good Consistent Production     Excellent rich sweet flavor - fiber

Harvest Moon     Mid - Late     Large Yellow Orange Fruit   Sweet

Hatcher     July     Pick to Yellow fruit

Ice Cream (dwarf)     Jun- Jul     8oz     Green Yellow Fruit     small in Nature 6-8ftTree    Good Production     Like Mango Sherbet - Fiber-less

Irwin     June     12 - 16 oz     Yellow Red Fruit     Moderate, Spreading Tree     good Production     Sweet -Fiber-less Mexican, Ecuador

Jakarta     July     19.5 - 29.5     Yellow Orange Fruit     Vigorous, medium Large Round Tree     Heavy Production     Good Rich Spicy flavor - Little Fiber

Jean Ellen     Early     Fair child Gardens Choice

Jehengar (Dwarf)     July     Very Dwarf Tree     Strong Indo-Chinese Flavor, White Flesh

Julie (Dwarf)     June     8 - 16 oz     Yellow Fruit     Slow growing Small tree     Good Production     Good unique flavor - Little Fiber

Juiiette       July     Not as Dwarf as a Julie Tree     Tastes like a Julie

Keitt     August     18 - 70 oz     Green Yellow fruit     moderate, Medium, Upright Tree     Heavy Production     good Sweet Flavor - Little Fiber

Kent     August     21 - 26.5     Green Yellow Red Fruit     Vigorous, Large compact     Good Production     Excellent rich sweet flavor - Fiber-less

Kia Savoie     Good. Eaten Green

Lady's Choice      Early Mid     Juice Mango

Lancetellia     August - September     2-5lbs     Purple Red Fruit     Small 10ft Tree     Good Production     Sweet - Fiber-less

Lemon Meringue (Pu Pui Klai)     Jun July     .8 to 7.5 oz     Yellow Orange Fruit     Medium Size Tree Fiber-less - Sweet Tart Flavor

Lemon Zest 27 - 1     Mid Season     Excellent Sweet Citrus Flavor

Madame Blanc     Mid Season      Popular Haitian Variety

Madame Francis     June 13 - 18 oz Green Yellow     moderate, Vigorous Medium Green     Spicy, Sweet Rich Flavor - Medium Fiber

Malika     Jun July     1 lb     Yellow Fruit     Maintains 10Ft Tree Size     Food Production     Intensely Sweet, Honey like - Fiber-less

Mango Corn     Mid Season     Haitian Variety

Nam Doc Mai      July     12 - 20.5 oz     Yellow Pink Fruit     vigorous, Medium Upright Tree     Good Production     Excellent Rich, Spicy Very Sweet Flavor

Neelum     Late Season     Southern India Dessert Mango

Okrung Tung     May     6oz     Green Fruit     Medium size, Spreading Tree     Good Production     Very Sweet - No Fiber

Palmer     Late Season     Pretty, Dark Red, Mild & Sweet

Peach Cobbler     Mid/ Late Season     Delicious Peach, Cinnamon Flavor

Philippine(Carabao)   June     7-12 oz     Yellow Fruit     Moderate Growth Rate Large Upright Tree     Good Production     Excellent Sweet Flavor - Little Fiber

Pickering (Dwarf)     may     10 - 15 oz Yellow Orange Fruit     Small compact Tree 12' - 15'     Very Good Production     Good Mild Sweet Flavor - Little Fiber

Pim Sane Mun

  July     16-20oz     Green Fruit     Moderate Tree     Good Production      Crisp - No Fiber

Pina Colada     Mid Season     Small Fruit, Pineapple Coconut Flavor

Pineapple Pleasure     Large Juicy Fruit with a hint of Pineapple

Pram Kai Meu     Jun July     7 - 12 oz Best when Green     Medium Tree     Prolific Production     Crunchy - Excellent Flavor - Fiber-less

Rosigold Dwarf)     March     11 oz     Yellow Red Fruit     Small 8' Tree     Highly Productive     Rich, Sweet - Fiber-less

San Felipe     1 lb     Yellow Red Fruit     Vigorous Tree     Rich, Sweet & Spicy

Southern Blush     July     16 - 32 oz     Yellow Red Fruit     Moderate, Spreading, Upright Tree     Good Production     Good Sweet tart Flavor - Fiber

Spirit of '76     Mid Season     Rich Sweet , No Fiber

Springfels     July - august     to 36 oz     Low Spreading Tree     Uneven Ripening during Production     Haden Seedling, Juicy & Slightly Tart

Sunrise     Mid Season     Exotic flavor, similar to Bombay-Pahar

Sweet Tart      Mid Season     Med Size Fruit Yellow and very tasty

Tommy Atkins     June     16 - 24.5     Yellow Orange Fruit     Vigorous Rounded Tree     Heavy Production     Good Mild Swet Flavor     Medium Fiber

Torbet     mid Season     Semi Dwarf, Juicy & Colorful

Ugly Betty     mid Season     Yellow Pink Red Fruit     Delicious, Rich Aroma,

Val Carrie     Mid June     Green Yellow Fruit     Vigorous Round Compact Tree     Good Production     Medium sweet flavor - Little Fiber

Valenica Pride     July     21 - 32 oz     Yellow Pink Red Fruit     Vigorous Large Spreading Tree     Good consistent Production     Good Mild Sweet Flavor - Little Fiber

Van Dyke     Mid Season     9-19 oz     Yellow Red Fruit     Good Production     med Size Red Sweet Clean & Firm

Zill     June 8-16 oz     Red Yellow     Rapid Upright Tree     Good Production     Firm Juicy, Hint of Pineapple




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